Thank You to All Who Served

Today marks 100 years since the end of World War I – known as Remembrance Day, Armistice Day and for modern America, Veterans Day. Delta Phi Epsilon has a close relationship to this date, as it was World War I veterans who returned to America that founded DPE. Since then, many DPE members have been veterans. The Foreign Affairs Council would like to thank them and all of our nation’s veterans for their sacrifices and commitment.

America is a country, a nation-state, but above all – and especially in the 21st century where borders and definitions have become increasingly blurry – an idea. An idea that has been incarnate within our borders for over 240 years. An idea that is defended by less than one percent of our population – our Veterans. Our service members in the last two decades have been called upon to serve in ways never in our nation’s history.

As a Veteran myself, I recall pre-September 11 service, memorizing Russian vehicles with flash cards and learning conventional warfare tactics, only to then find myself learning words in Arabic and memorizing names of Iraqi City Council Members, whether to show the bottoms of my feet during meetings and how to drink chai. What began as training to use a bayonet against an enemy in 2000, culminated in learning how to hand out school supplies for Afghan children, or facilitating getting computers for girls schools.

The nature of conflict has changed dramatically since 1775, but our fellow Americans who have answered the call since, remain the embodiment of the American Spirit and the protectors of the American Experiment. One that, despite our challenges and often divisive moments, I would say has been a success.

I Serve,

Brandon Krapf, Board President

Veteran, United States Army


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