The Society for Foreign Affairs is searching for distinguished Delta Phi Epsilon alumni and outside experts and stakeholders to join the nonprofit’s leadership. As the Society’s President reaches out to stakeholders and supporters, the Society seeks help from members and the community to identify strong candidates for to lead the nonprofit or provide advice during a critical period of program development.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the Society’s leadership and is responsible for setting the nonprofit’s policies and strategy and overseeing the Society’s Central Staff. The Society currently has four vacancies on its Interim Board, which will serve until elections at the 2018 Annual Symposium and Annual Meeting. The Society seeks leaders to fill the following positions:

  • Vice President: The Vice President is the chief operating officer of the Society and chairs the Board of Governors in the President’s stead.
  • Board Secretary: The Secretary maintains records and conducts the general correspondence of the Society. The Secretary also assists with the Society’s financial management.
  • Editor in Chief of the Journal of Foreign Affairs: The Editor-in-Chief chairs the editorial board of the Society’s upcoming peer-reviewed journal.
  • Symposium Chair: The Symposium Chair leads the organizing committee for the Society’s annual foreign policy symposium and annual meeting.

The Board of Governors is exclusively composed of Society members. The Society seeks energetic and knowledgeable leaders from Delta Phi Epsilon’s alumni community.

Board of Advisers

The Board of Advisers is a group of senior Delta Phi Epsilon alumni, Society members, and outside friends of the Society who act as a sounding board for the Board of Governors. This volunteer group provides the Board of Governors with additional expertise in nonprofit and business management, higher education, and international relations.

The Society’s Advisers will include faculty advisers from Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity and Sorority chapters, senior Delta Phi Epsilon alumni and Society members who are unable to serve on the Board of Governors, and other individuals with an interest in the Society’s mission. Learn more.


The Society is currently accepting nominations and volunteers from the Society’s membership. To nominate someone to either the Board of Governors or the Board of Advisers, use our online nominations form (login required). For all other inquiries, please email us.

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