Today, we’re changing the Delta Phi Epsilon Society for Foreign Affairs name to the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Affairs Council. Our new name underscores our organization’s role as a national network for professionals who appreciate the role of international relations in daily life, the importance of broadening public discourse, and the need to engage with policymakers.

We began nearly two years ago with a handful of young alumni of six university chapters of the Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity and Sorority (DPE), a fraternal organization for international relations students. Our new group was created to provide a forum for DPE alumni to continue pursuing their common interests; to support educations and careers in foreign policy and trade; and to act as a bridge between the DPE community, the general public, and international organizations and domestic policymakers. We called this group the “Society for Foreign Affairs” to reflect our position as a community distinct from the Fraternity and Sorority.

However, that name wasn’t distinct enough. Our name was too similar to the short-lived “Delta Phi Epsilon International Society of Business and Foreign Affairs” from the 1950s and 1960s, causing some confusion within the DPE community. We hope that our new name, the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Affairs Council, makes our professional and educational role more clear.

The Council is rooted in the idea that, by keeping DPE alumni engaged and banding together as a group, we can do more to support new generations of students and to influence and inform the public and policymakers than any of us could do alone. Since starting in 2016, more than 220 Delta Phi Epsilon alumni and students have joined the Council. As we prepare for our first Annual Symposium in April 2018, we hope that greater numbers of the more than 1,500 alumni and students in the broader DPE community join the organization. The larger the Council grows, the greater its impact.

If you are a Delta Phi Epsilon alumnus or alumna and want to support DPE students,  develop a greater voice in public discourse, or simply connect with other alumni, consider becoming a Council member.

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