Providing Interdisciplinary Insight to the Public

As a public policy forum, the Foreign Affairs Council works to provide the general public and decision-makers with up-to-date information relevant to foreign relations and international business, while also working to raise the visibility of member research and policy recommendations. The Council’s members pursue their public policy mission through five channels:

The Annual Symposium and Public Events

The Council sponsors panels and lectures throughout the year to bring foreign affairs experts to the general public. Member roundtables provide opportunities for practitioners in different fields to network and collaborate. Each year, the Council hosts a symposium for members to meet, network, and present their ongoing work and ideas in different fields of foreign affairs and international trade.

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Regulatory Comments

The Council’s membership provides data and policy research to federal administrative agencies through regulatory comment letters. These letters are submitted during the notice and comment process used to review and approve proposed administrative regulations. Areas of focus for the Council include administration of the U.S. Foreign Service, immigration, export controls and economic sanctions, customs, the Fulbright Program, defense procurement, and veterans benefits, among other similar fields.

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Amicus Briefs

The Council provides the Supreme Court of the United States and the United States Courts of Appeals with data and policy research through amicus curiae briefs. These “friend of the court” briefs enable members to weigh in on cases implicating foreign affairs and international trade by providing expert testimony for judges and parties.

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International Organization Observers

In mid-2018, the Council will become eligible for consultative status at the United Nations, its subsidiary agencies, and at other intergovernmental organizations. The Council participates in the Civil Society Policy Forums at the World Bank and IMF annual and spring meetings, and will seek accreditation from the Organization of American States, World Trade Organization, and other international bodies as resources become available to make full use of these privileges.

These cooperative agreements will provide Council members with access to official meetings, opportunities to provide written and oral testimony to policymakers and join debates, as well as opportunities to network and collaborate with officials and experts.

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Journal of Foreign Affairs

Finally, the Council’s peer-reviewed Journal of Foreign Affairs provides a forum for Council members and other foreign policy thinkers to present research and policy recommendations to the public. The Journal will be available in an Open Access format, allowing wider circulation of articles to the public, free of charge.

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