An Accessible Forum for International Affairs Ideas

The Phoenician: the Delta Phi Epsilon Journal of Foreign Affairs is the Council’s upcoming peer-reviewed journal. The Journal’s mission is to provide an accessible, interdisciplinary publication featuring writing from Council members, students in Delta Phi Epsilon, and outside experts. When launched in the summer of 2018, the Journal will be available to the public on an online, open-access platform.

About The Phoenician

The Phoenician provides an accessible platform for foreign affairs-oriented essays from the academic community, practitioners in government, think tanks, non-profits, the business community, and from advanced undergraduate and graduate students. The journal engages with best practices in a variety of publication disciplines, coupling an academic-style peer-review process with policy-relevant, shorter-form content written for a larger audience of foreign affairs professionals. The journal targets academics interested in influencing the policy community, mid- and early-career professionals seeking an outlet for their ideas and expertise, and worthy students looking to spread new and novel understandings of the world.

Journal Steering Committee

Our journal is being organized by a steering committee of Council members. The Journal Steering Committee is responsible for developing and codifying editorial standards and practices, setting the Journal’s publishing model and content format, and acting as an editorial board during the journal’s initial run.

Partnership with the American Foreign Service Association

As part of the Council’s partnership with the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA), the professional association for the U.S. diplomatic corps, select Phoenician articles are also published in AFSA’s Foreign Service Journal. The Foreign Service Journal reaches AFSA’s 32,000 members, embassies, and congressional offices. This partnership boosts the impact of articles published in The Phoenician and helps foster a dialogue between the public and private sectors.

Call for Submissions

The Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Affairs Council (DPE-FAC) invites submissions for the first issue of The Phoenician, a bi-annual peer-reviewed publication dedicated to highlighting issues in foreign affairs from the diverse perspectives of experienced practitioners, expert academics, and young observers. The Phoenician is collecting submissions on a rolling basis for future issues.

In order to demonstrate the breadth of expertise the Delta Phi Epsilon/foreign affairs community has, the first issue of The Phoenician will not be themed. However, we especially welcome contributions that echo the values of the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Affairs Council, including promoting fellowship among persons studying or engaged in international affairs, advancing democratic governance, rule of law and international peace; and promoting the ethical practice of foreign affairs and commerce. We welcome a number of submission formats in order to allow for a diverse representation of writing styles:

  • RESEARCH PAPERS:  We invite contributors to submit international political or policy-relevant research papers. Submissions should be timely and include a clearly defined methodology, substantive analysis, and appropriate citations. Papers must also make a strong argument in an academic format (Chicago citation-style). Submissions should be no longer than 8,000 words.
  • ARTICLES:  We invite contributors to submit policy-oriented pieces which analyze timely and important issues while also providing relevant policy recommendations. Articles should be no longer than 4,000 words.
  • COMMENTS:  We invite contributors to submit narrative or descriptive opinion pieces that highlight recent events or issues in the foreign affairs space. Comment submissions should be no longer than 2,500 words.

We accept submissions from alumni and current undergraduate members of the Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity and Sorority, as well as outside contributions.

Please direct all submissions and inquiries to our Managing Editor, Julian Waller,

Join Our Editorial Board

The Journal Steering Committee is also tasked with organizing an Editorial Board to take over the Journal after its initial run. This board will include:

  • An Editor-In-Chief;
  • Managing/Deputy Editors;
  • Volunteer Editors;
  • A Format and Layout Editor; and
  • A Webmaster.

For more information or to volunteer for The Phoenician’s editorial board, please contact Julian Waller, Managing Editor, at