Tackling Professional Responsibility in the International Sphere

The Ethics Project is a program run by the Council’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Ethics to guide members and the general public on professional responsibility in foreign affairs and international business. The Project brings together Council members and outside experts to host public events, issue white papers and articles on ethics topics, and develop the Council’s own Guidelines on Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

Global economic integration, asymmetric and unconventional conflicts, and ever-evolving standards for state and corporate behavior add ever-increasing complexity to ethics challenges. The Project addresses this complexity by bringing together members of the private sector, armed forces, intelligence community, and foreign service to address ethical questions from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Topics studied by the Project include, but are not limited to:

  • Diplomatic and Consular Activity Under Illiberal Regimes
  • Prevention of Bribery and Foreign Corruption
  • Modern Intelligence Collection
  • Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Law of Armed Conflict and Non-State Actors
  • Journalistic Responsibility

Participation in the Ethics Project is open to all Council members. Learn more about membership and join today.