Photo by Jeff Watts, AU Photographer. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Meet and Greet with DPE Foreign Affairs Council

The Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Affairs Council (DPE-FAC), DPE’s global alumni association, policy forum, and educational foundation, is excited to host a meet-and-greet for current students and alumni being at American University with support from the DPE Pi Chapter. DPE-FAC President, Brandon Krapf, will be joining us from his State Department post in Baghdad, Iraq. (more…)

Council Launches Mentoring Program With AFSA

This week, the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Affairs Council launches its pilot Foreign Affairs Mentoring Program in partnership with the American Foreign Service Association. The program will pair U.S. foreign policy officials and international business professionals with students and recent graduates seeking to start careers in international affairs. This joint program is one part of (more…)

Debate: The Future is Crypto?

As interest in Bitcoin and its progeny grows among businesses and governments, are cryptocurrencies on track to displace today’s reserve currencies or are they just the latest in a long history of speculative bubbles and overhyped technologies? Join us as we debate “Resolved: Cryptocurrencies are the future of the international financial system.” Audience participation is (more…)

Statement from the Board of Governors

On Monday, the Chronicle of Higher Education published a report on one of the directors of our sister organization, the Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity. Please take a moment to read the article and the following statement from the Council’s Board of Governors: Statement from the Board – July 25, 2018 The Delta Phi Epsilon (more…)

Summer Speaker Series: The Future of American Global Leadership

In just one year under a new administration, the United States seems to have taken a completely different approach to policymaking with the global community. The new U.S. administration has sought to pull away from multilateral agreements and reduce involvement in international organizations. However, this shift in U.S. policy comes at a time of threatening (more…)

Summer Speaker Series: The Many Faces of Extremism

Join us for a discussion of terrorism and other violent extremist movements with a focus on less-discussed regions such as East Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. Our assembled experts will discuss aspects of extremist conflict including cyberattacks, revenge killings, and extremist returnees to the United States. The panel will also discuss some recent developments (more…)

Summer Speaker Series: The Future of International Institutions

In the wake of the Second World War, institutions such as the United Nations, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund were created to rebuild a broken world and manage peace and prosperity. These international institutions were seen as essential to overcoming economic, humanitarian, and environmental global challenges and maintaining international relationships. In recent years, the roles (more…)

Delta Phi Epsilon 2018 Symposium

Join us for the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Affairs Council’s first Annual Symposium, a two-day conference exploring emerging issues in international affairs and trade.

Grant Applications Now Open

As part of our mission to support the practice and study of foreign affairs, we’re launching a grant program for educators and researchers in the Delta Phi Epsilon community. The Faculty Grant Program will support projects that improve secondary and postsecondary education, public understanding of international affairs, and professional development for students pursuing international service. (more…)