This week, the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Affairs Council launches its pilot Foreign Affairs Mentoring Program in partnership with the American Foreign Service Association. The program will pair U.S. foreign policy officials and international business professionals with students and recent graduates seeking to start careers in international affairs. This joint program is one part of the FAC and AFSA strategic partnership signed earlier this year.

Career Guidance from Diplomats and Professionals

The mentoring program draws upon AFSA’s roster of ambassadors and U.S. Foreign Service Officers as well as officials from the U.S. Agency for International Development, Broadcasting Board of Governors, and the Departments of State, Agriculture, and Commerce. Mentors also come from the FAC’s membership, which includes professionals in the private sector, intelligence community members, and members of the armed services. The program aims to provide students with access to professionals with experience in a wide range of regions, industries, and policy areas.


FAC members interested in taking part in the mentor program should register by September 28, 2018 on the FAC’s program page. AFSA members should contact Allan Saunders, AFSA’s Communications and Marketing Manager, at

The FAC hopes to expand the mentoring program to include volunteers from other organizations and businesses. For more information about partnerships, contact Amanda Silva, FAC Board Vice President, at

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