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Sections are specialized groups for Society members that provide programming tailored to particular member constituencies and interests. Sections also provide a general forum for members with common interests to network and collaborate.

There are currently member sections for seven groups:

Sections participate in Society governance through elected delegates to the Executive Council. New sections may be created based on member interest.

The Society’s Sections



This section is dedicated to serving the interests of Delta Phi Epsilon members currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree-granting programs. The Students Section ensures the Society represents those seeking to enter foreign affairs-related professions, while providing resources and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Student memberships in the Society are free and open to all undergraduate and graduate students initiated into the Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity or Sorority.

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Young Professionals

The Young Professionals Section manages social and professional development programming tailored for recent graduates and the newest members of foreign affairs-related professions. Individual membership is open to members under 35 years old or who have graduated within the past five years.

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International Business and Trade 

The International Business and Trade Section is dedicated to providing services and programming for members engaged in international trade, finance, consulting, and other fields of transnational business. The section highlights the work of its individual members and promotes fellowship, integrity, and excellence among members in the private sector.

This section is open to all members with an interest in international business.

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Government Service and Armed Forces

The Government and Armed Forces section represents the views and interests of members in both the U.S. and non-U.S. public sector. The section strives to provide services, publications, and events that address pressing issues in policymaking and public administration.

This section is open to all members in the diplomatic corps, armed forces, international civil service, or federal, state, or local government, as well as members otherwise interested in public service.

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Non-Governmental Organizations

The NGO Section manages programming and publications on issues relevant to the activities of charitable and civil society organizations operating in the United States and overseas. The section also represents the concerns of Society members engaged in the NGO sector.

This section is open to all members with an interest in issues affecting nonprofits and nonprofit administration.

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The Veterans Section works to ensure the Society represents the views and interests of members who have previously served in the armed forces. The section provides programming, events, and publications addressing topics relevant to the veterans’ community, and broadly seeks to promote camaraderie among Delta Phi Epsilon’s veteran members and among veteran and non-veteran members of the Society.

This section is open to former active duty officers and enlisted, as well as all members interested in veterans’ issues.

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Faculty and Academia

The Faculty and Academia Section manages programming and publications relevant to university professors, think tank researchers, and other foreign affairs educators, and ensures that the views and interests of academia are represented by the Society. This section is open to all members interested in research or higher education.

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