Council Committees

The Foreign Affairs Council is a member-run organization and invites members to volunteer for committee service. Please contact the Executive Director or committee chair for more information.

The Council currently has ten committees for:

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides oversight for the Council’s annual independent audit of financial records. The committee recommends auditors for approval by the Board of Governors; reviews the audited financial statements, management letter, and management’s response; and reviews the circulation of financial statements among the Council’s members.

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Ethics Committee

The Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Ethics oversees the Ethics Project, an ongoing effort to develop guidance for members and the public on professional responsibility in foreign affairs and international trade.

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Honors Committee

The Honors Committee solicits nominations for awards and honorary memberships and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors.

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Journal of Foreign Affairs Steering Committee

The Journal Steering Committee is responsible for organizing the Council’s new peer-reviewed policy journal. The committee develops editorial standards and practices, refining the journal’s content format and publishing model, and will act as the journal’s editorial board during its initial run.

Chair: Julian Waller

For more information, see our recent news about the Journal of Foreign Affairs or our preview of the upcoming Journal.

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Local Coordinating Committees

Local committees work alongside the Council’s sections to organize events for members and the general public. Covered regions are:

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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee oversees the admission of new members. The committee develops recruitment projects as well as services for existing members and may recommend new classes of membership to the Executive Council for approval.

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Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee oversees the management of the Council’s scholarship and grant endowments. The committee identifies undergraduate and graduate recipients of the annual Emerging Research Award and recommends new grant and scholarship programs to the Board of Governors for approval.

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Symposium Committee

The Symposium Committee manages the Council’s annual conference. The committee communicates event information to members, reviews and approves event program proposals, selects a keynote speaker, and makes logistical arrangements for the meeting.

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