Join the DPE Journal Steering Committee

The Society invites members to join its Journal Steering Committee. This group is tasked with determining the direction of the future Delta Phi Epsilon Journal of Foreign Affairs, and will be responsible for:

  • Developing and codifying editorial standards and practices;
  • Determining and refining the publishing model and content format of the journal; and
  • Acting as an editorial board during the journal’s initial run.

**All are welcome to apply to join, those interested should please contact Julian Waller ( with a very brief statement of interest. No previous editorial experience is necessary, although it is a plus. 

The Delta Phi Epsilon Journal of Foreign Affairs is the upcoming peer-reviewed journal that will be published by the DPE Society. The journal’s mission is to provide an accessible forum for foreign policy-oriented essays from the academic community, practitioners in government, think tanks, non-profits, and the business community, and from advanced undergraduate and graduate students that are members of DPE’s university chapters. The journal engages with best practices in a variety of publication disciplines, coupling an academic-style peer-review process with policy-relevant, shorter-form content written for a larger audience of foreign affairs professionals. It targets academics interested in influencing the policy community, mid- and early-career professionals seeking an outlet for their ideas and expertise, and worthy students looking to spread new and novel understandings of the world.

**Because the Society is a member-based organization, the volunteers should be a current, registered member of the Society. Click here to register as a member. Anyone interested in volunteering should email
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