The Society for Foreign Affairs recently earned a Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar USA, the world’s largest public database of nonprofit information. GuideStar awarded the Gold Seal based on the Society’s ability to provide governance and financial information, plus comprehensive data on the organization’s goals, strategies, indicators, and progress. This information is available to the public on the Society’s GuideStar Nonprofit Profile.

As our GuideStar profile shows, our first eight months have been spent building infrastructure to support six core programs:

  • The Faculty Grant Program, designed to provide financing to Society members in teaching professions and faculty advisers of Delta Phi Epsilon fraternity and sorority chapters to support projects for their students;
  • The Delta Phi Epsilon Journal of Foreign Affairs, which will provide the public with accessible information on foreign policy research, and provide publishing opportunities to members of academia, government, and business as well as advanced students;
  • A nationwide lecture series, which will expand beyond our Washington, DC events to bring international relations information and experts to the rest of the country;
  • The Society’s Annual Symposium, which will bring together Society members to present their foreign policy research and network; and
  • The Ethics Project, which will provide Society members and the public with information on professional standards of conduct for foreign policy and international trade that are consistent with principles of democratic governance, rule of law, and peaceful diplomatic and commercial relations.

Much more remains to be done in order to launch these projects. Our efforts will require greater participation from the Delta Phi Epsilon community and support from the public, but our goals are well within reach. The Society will make more detailed announcements about these programs in the coming weeks.

The Society’s participation in the GuideStar program is one part of the Society’s broader commitment to good governance and transparency. In addition to keeping its GuideStar information current, this year the Society will also begin publishing quarterly reports on the group’s finances and progress on core projects. Member committees – particularly the Audit Committee – provide financial oversight independent of the organization’s board of directors.

If you’d like to help us, let us know! You can also get involved today by becoming a Society member.

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