The Foreign Affairs Council is an organization for alumni of and students currently in the Delta Phi Epsilon Professional Foreign Service Fraternity and Sorority. While the Council’s members come from Delta Phi Epsilon, it is a separate and independent nonprofit organization.

The Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity began in 1919 with four veterans of the First World War, who were brought together at Georgetown University’s newly founded School of Foreign Service. At first only sharing a common experience in overseas military service, the founders were drawn together by a common vision of a professional foreign service fraternity for future graduates of the School of Foreign Service and others in the field. The group formally incorporated in 1920. The Fraternity expanded to include a Professional Foreign Service Sorority in 1973.

In the years since those first four students met, Delta Phi Epsilon expanded across the United States, promoting the practice of American foreign policy among students and alumni from 24 leading universities. The Fraternity and Sorority experienced a wave of chapter deactivations during the Vietnam War era as interest in foreign service waned. Delta Phi Epsilon experienced a revival in the 1990s and 2000s as a new generation, raised in a globalizing world freed from the dictatorships of the 20th Century, sought fellowship rooted in international service once again. The Fraternity and Sorority are now active at eight universities, with more dormant chapters reactivating and new ones taking root around the country.

Delta Phi Epsilon members have served with distinction in the United States Foreign Service, armed forces, intelligence agencies, the international development community, academia, and international finance and business. The Delta Phi Epsilon community has grown beyond the United States to include brothers and sisters from around the world, including Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, India, Lebanon, and elsewhere.

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