Delta Phi Epsilon Symposium Coming April 2018

Assessing Shifts in the International Order The Council’s 2018 Annual Symposium will take place in Washington, DC from Friday, April 6 to Saturday, April 7. This two-day conference brings together Society members, outside experts, and members of the general public to discuss topics in international relations and business. The event concludes with the annual members meeting (more…)

Delta Phi Epsilon Goes to the World Bank

On April 18-21, 2017 in Washington, DC, the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund will hold their Civil Society Policy Forum. Access to the Forum is limited to representatives of recognized Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and as a CSO the Delta Phi Epsilon Society’s members are free to attend. Here’s how members can take (more…)

Recap: Nuclear Policy for the Next Administration

The DPE Speaker Series Lecture on July 6th (concerning nuclear policy and the next presidential administration) was a tremendous success. Thanks to support from our outstanding panel, the DC nuclear policy community, and society members, our reservations exceeded capacity and our audience enjoyed a lively and informative discussion. The conversation was moderated by Joe Cirincione, president (more…)

Policy Roundtable: Nuclear Policy for the Next Administration

The Delta Phi Epsilon Society for Foreign Affairs invites the public to participate in a roundtable on the future of U.S. nuclear policy. Please join us on July 6 at the headquarters of American Foreign Service Association where we will discuss we will be discussing relevant issues for the next presidential administration, including nuclear arsenal modernization, U.S.-Russian nuclear (more…)

Event: DPE Tours the Embassies

The Delta Phi Epsilon Society for International Affairs invites all of our members to join us on a tour of the embassies of the European Union. A DC tradition, EU Open House day showcases the culture of member states with free food, drink, shows and displays. The group will meet at the Embassy of Belgium at (more…)